Take 40 Whacks at the Patriarchy!

Help us unleash LIZZIE: The Musical on Washington

Then help us earn our whacking money! Ticket sales rarely, if ever, cover the costs of a show, regardless of the size of the company. 

Help us take 40 whacks at the patriarchy by donating to our 40 days/40 whacks campaign! We are hoping to raise $7,500 between now and January 22 -- that's just 40 days away and, yes, it's inauguration weekend. It couldn't be more perfect. Join us, and be a part of:


  - Bringing a show we've been after for 7 years to the DC region.

  - Giving jobs to women directors, designers, and actors. 

  - Supporting Anacostia Playhouse, a woman-owned business.

  - Helping Pinky Swear continue to produce fantastic shows for a long time to come.



You might be thinking: But hey, isn't Lizzie just an alleged murderer? What does this have to do with the patriarchy? We're glad you asked! The show is actually amazingly feminist and shines a light on how little agency women had in the late 19th century. Their money, love lives, job prospects, and destinies all relied on men. Makes you mad enough to want to whack something, doesn't it?